Posing outside my studio

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Artist Statement

My current works are gestural sculptures of handmade paper made to look like textiles that twist, wrap, bind, drape and enclose. Their folds appear momentary and yielding, but are actually stiff and structural. Varying in size from intimate to overlife, the works are expressive of various human movements and the emotions that give rise to them.

Beautiful, broad patterns are worked into the wet, new paper. The sheets are folded, positioned and manipulated into their final form and left to dry. The patterns and areas of color become fragmented and discontinuous to animate the form and engage the viewer's eye.

Using different plant fibers alone or in combination allows me a rich range of material with which to work. For instance, cotton paper can be thick and slab-like or thin as writing paper. It holds texture and form well. Abaca (from the banana family) offers translucence and strength. Sheets of abaca can shrink and bind elements together. The part that dries around an object shows a translucent form-fitting smoothness while loose parts dry to an opaque leathery, shriveled jerky. Other fibers like kozo or daylily make paper with more texture and a less uniform appearance.

Rocks and scraps of wood often provide an armature of sorts. The wood may be carved with patterns to give counterpoint to those in the paper. The combination of materials gives the sculptures contrast and a feeling of improvisation.

Whether entirely of paper or mixed with other materials, I see my works as cobbled together meditations on regeneration and the fragility of life.



LandesSullivan.com - Paul Sullivan and I have been collaborating on artworks. Please check out our new site! 

 Aljira  Contemporary Art Center in Newark, NJ has regular exhibitions that include emerging as well as mid-career artists.  They run a great professional development program called Emerge. I participated in Emerge 9 in 2008. 

CarriageHousePaper.com - Great resource for papermaking supplies and interesting workshops.

DieuDonné.org - Dieu Donné is an amazing papermill in Manhattan's garment district. Check it out if you're in the area.

Jim Escalante, professor of book, paper and photography at UW. His videos are here.

FriendsofDardHunter.org - Friendly organization for hand papermakers.

HandPapermaking.org - Beautiful and informative magazine and website about hand papermaking.

Iapma.info - International organization and website for hand papermakers.

Swatch Swap 2016 a paper recipe exchange with examples of recipes.

WhiteColumns.org - New York's oldest alternative space for emerging artists. Selected Artist Registry. My page is Here.