Teaching / Projects - Papermaking

The images and videos below are from a variety of papermaking classes, including a semester long college class, a couple of 1 day workshops, and many 6 week Continuing Ed classes. All classes were held at UW Madison's Art Lofts papermill.

Julia Dauer’s cast eggs, Cont Ed 2018

Summer 2017 class working, Continuing Ed

Laura's paper cast, Summer 2016 Cont Ed

Summer 2016 class working, Continuing Ed

Jim Escalante created videos from some of the 2013 Fall Paper workshops. See the casting video below.

one day pulp painting workshop, Fall 2013

pulp painting, Lea Ratzmann, Spring 2014

Watermark, Myszka Lewis, Spring 2014

Click below to see the Watermarks video.

overeaten abaca and kozo, Zhao Zhao, Spring 2014

cast overbeaten abaca and kozo, Brittany Bruening, Spring 2014

Class working, Cont Ed 2018

Marilyn's cast sculpture in her garden, Summer 2017 Cont Ed

Kirsten, pulp painting with stencils, Summer 2016 Cont Ed

Victoria with her cast cotton basket, Continuing Ed class, Summer 2015

one day casting workshop, Conner Green, Fall 2013

Click below to see the embossing video.

cast Kozo, Helen Schneider, Spring 2014