"Hair-trigger Eternities" Overture Center


Paul Sullivan and I collaborated on a group of works that were exhibited this Summer at Overture Center’s Playhouse gallery. “Hair-trigger Eternities” was up from June 27 thru Sept 4, 2016. Thanks to Beth Racette for her work in bringing everything together.

Collaborating with my husband has been exciting. The works are more ambitious than we would make on our own. Each piece began as shapes cut from pink insulation foam board, glued together and then covered in handmade papers. While obviously sculptural, we never thought of them as finished pieces. We wanted to incorporate other materials to set them off aesthetically while at the same time providing the means of presentation. In some sense, the foam pieces are sculptures within sculptures. 

The first 4 images are the finished pieces. The rest are some in-process shots of each.